About Me

Hello! My name is Sara,

Sara Rowe, or "Sassy" if you wish. A Montana born and raised gal, moved to Butte for love. Married with 3 boys, all out of the nest. It was time to get out of the house, be done with remodeling bathrooms. I have found myself trading many antiques and collectibles so you'll never know what your'e going to find in my shop!

I have lots of stuff!  

I'm a fan of just about everything! I have jewelry, locally made and exotic. There's antique furniture filling multiple rooms and warehouses. The collectible memorabilia is endless. And of course, The Richest Hill on Earth is Rich with History. There's plenty to choose from.

Constantly Changing Inventory

People are always approaching me about helping sell their antiques, collectibles, and handle their estates. Because of this, I have my hands on fresh inventory that needs the dust brushed off before retailing. Call me, I may have what you are looking for!


Get Sassy with Miss Butte!

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